The Acne Practice – Day 1

Acne. Horrible red bumps. That’s what I have on my face right now. I’ve been suffering from acne since high school but it became worse during uni. Its now somewhat better than it was before, but I still get pimples every few days. I can’t remember the last time I was pimple free. Maybe there were a couple of days that I was pimple free, but its not very often.

So I was just browsing through Youtube one day and stumbled upon videos from The Acne Practice. The videos looked AMAZING! People with severe acne were acne free in a matter of months! I wanted in on this!

Honestly, while I was researching The Acne Practice, I couldn’t find much information and most of the videos were posted by the Acne Practice themselves. I would’ve thought that the people who were on the program would have posted reviews etc. but there wasn’t really many out there, maybe 2 or 3.

Anyway, I ended up buying the Moderate Acne Bootcamp kit. I received the kit today, tried it out.

The kit comes in a zip lock bag with the 3 step Acne Bootcamp products (plus Nutrient, Moisture, which is only supposed to be used around the eye area and not the whole face) and sample sizes of different strength products.

The products are small, only 60ml, but you’re only supposed to use a pea sized amount of each.

So I used the products for the first time tonight. The active ingredient in Step 2 “Gentle Oil Absorbing Blend” is sulphur, and it definitely has a distinct sulphur smell.

The products seem ok at the moment, but after using it, my skin is definitely drier than normal, but that’s to be expected. Its not an uncomfortably dry, but dry nonetheless.

The instructions say to use the products twice daily, but I might start using it once a day to see how my skin reacts to the products first.

The instructions asks you to keep an ‘inventory’ count of all my bumps. So..

Day 1 bump count = 22

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